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These are the dances which are were taught by more line dance instructors around the world than any others. To see the videos, read the stepsheets, preview the music, and have fun with some cool polls, jump on over to the full article.. Top Ten “Most Danced ” Line Dances from the Kickit Line Dance Archive

Poker Face - TIME 2 LIVE BETTER Poker Face Choreographed by Craig Bennett, ENGLAND DESCRIPTION: 2-Wall funky Line Dance, Intermediate/Advanced; 64 Counts, MUSIC: Poker Face by Lady Ga Ga (CD: “The Fame” or CD single), 32-count intro. NOTES: This dance should have a slightly funky West Coast Swing feel. Poker Face 2 - TIME 2 LIVE BETTER Poker Face 2 Choreographed by: Ingrind Kan Music: Poker Face by Lady Gaga Description: Two wall advance beg line dance. Start dancing on the lyrics HIP BUMPS RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT HEEL, TOUCH, POINT, HOOK 1&2 Step right diagonally forward and bump right hip forward, back, forward

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“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga (120 bpm) (Pop) * When using Poker Face, start dance 32 counts in on heavy beat. Start dance 16 counts in on vocal. Note: There are many recordings of this song, all will work. WALK FORWARD DIAGONALLY RIGHT, KICK, WALK BACK DIAGONALLY LEFT, TOUCH ... Microsoft Word - MAMMA MARIA Urban Step Sheet.doc Poker Face Line Dance - Easy Steps - YouTube Dumont Line Dancers, Dumont, NJ. Jan. 20, 2010 Song: "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa which can be purchased on itunes or Amazon. Choreographer: Ingrind Kan.

Partner Dances Desperado Wrap. Schottische. Beginning Two Step With Some Turns. Country Waltz With Turns. Cowboy 3 Step Swing. 10 Step Polka With Turns. Cowboy Swing. Beginning West Coast Swing. El Paso. Cowboy Cha-Cha. Horseshoe. Dallas Shuffle. Texas Two Step With Turns. How to do turns! Dance Summary

Description: 64 Count 2 Wall Line Dance, “Intermediate” with 1 Restart ... Music: Poker Face. Artist: Lady Gaga. Album: The Fame (Available on BPM: 119. Start on the vocals. Choreographers: (11/08) ... 1,2 Step fwd Rt, Step Lt over Rt 3,4 Step back Rt (Straighten up to front wall (12 o’clock), Make 1/4 turn Lt fwd Lt 5,6 Make ... Poke It Line dance -

Line Dance Step Sheets. These Links below will open a PDF of the Step sheet for each Line Dance. You can view them and print them if you want and put them in your binder of Line Dances.

Warlingham Line Dance Class – New Beginners | Dancezing Tue 23rd April – Warlingham Beginner Line Dance Class. ... Click on the title of the dance to view the step sheet. Some of the dances also have tutorial videos that you may find useful. Tue 16th April – Warlingham Beginner Line Dance Class ... ‘Mamma Maria’ which we enjoyed dancing to ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga.